Updated 11/15/2022


To keep track of your commission status, I have created a Trello board where I list all commissions that I have taken and their progress. I remove completed commissions from the "Complete" list after about a week. Patreon commissions are labelled with a red 'Patreon' tag and will be worked as a priority.

Click here to view my commissions progress board.

Terms of Service

  • These terms and pricing apply to personal commissions to be used for non-commercial purposes only.
  • By commissioning a design or a piece of artwork from me, you are agreeing to follow these terms.
  • I will draw: animals, mythical creatures, furries/anthros, humans, and natural backgrounds.
  • I will not draw: machinery, mecha, anything hateful or bigoted, extreme gore, and explicit sexual content.
  • I have the right to refuse any commission. Please do not send me any money until I have agreed to take on the commission.
  • Payment must be made in full before I begin work. Once you have paid, I will first send you a sketch of the design or artwork to approve. I will make major modifications to the design/artwork at this stage. Any major changes requested after the sketch is approved will cost extra. The exception to this are design commissions, where major edits can be requested at any stage without additional cost.
  • If at any point I am no longer able to complete the commission, or you decide that you no longer want it, I can refund any work that hasn't already been done. Nothing started = full refund, sketch completed = half refund.
  • Once the artwork or design is fully complete, I will only make minor changes, and I will not refund you.
  • I accept payment only through PayPal.
  • My work cannot be used for NFTs or anything related to cryptocurrency.
  • My work cannot be used to promote any hateful or bigoted content.
  • My work cannot be used for the purpose of training AI (artificial intelligence) or creating AI art. I do not and have never consented to my art being used for AI art.

This is my promise to you:
  • I will always do my best to produce good quality artwork for you.
  • I will always try to make every design unique and interesting.
  • If you are ever dissatisfied with my conduct or you have concerns about something I have done or said, please send me an email at superpaperparrot [at] gmail [dot] com and we can try to work out a solution to the problem.

Pricing and Examples

Prices vary according to complexity and the number of characters. I can provide a quote on request. Please click on each preview to view the full image. For all commmissions, please provide visual references. There is a complexity fee of $10-20 for highly detailed/complex character designs (such as intricate armor/outfits, etc.)

Minis: $25 (no background), $50 (with background)
A small, cute version of your character! A single simple mini is $25 without a background and $50 with a background. If the character has detailed clothing (intricate armor, weapons), there is an additional cost. I can also add a background for an additional fee as well. Image references only. If you're not sure if something would be considered complex or simple, just ask me. Pern dragons are always considered 'simple' designs while MMO characters are always considered 'complex'.

Single-character drawing: $40 (portrait), $60 (halfbody), $80 (fullbody) (+$10-20 to add simple background)
A drawing with linework of your character. Price varies with complexity of the character and how much is included in the drawing (full-body/waist-up/portrait). Background elements or a partial background can be included for additional cost, but does not include a full environment. More characters can be added for additional cost.

Single-character painting: $60 (portrait), $90 (halfbody), $120 (fullbody) (+$10-20 to add simple background)
A rendered painting of your character, with a transparent or flat-color background. Price varies with the complexity of the character and how much is included in the drawing (full-body/waist-up/portrait). More characters can be added for additional cost.

Illustration: $150+ (drawing), $250+ (painting)
A rendered drawing or painting of your character with a detailed background. Includes a full environment with a defined foreground and background. $150 is the minimum for a single character in my drawing style (includes clear linework); additional characters, complex designs or background elements, or a painterly style will cost more. Please contact me with details of what you're interested in for an exact quote.

Character design: $100+ (drawing), $200+ (painting)
I design a character for you according to your input and specifications. I can design mythical creatures, animals, anthros, and humans. I can also design closed species characters, provided you have an MYO slot for that species. Price depends on the amount of rendering desired. This price range accounts for a single full-body drawing or painting of the character only; additional views (such as a close-up of the head) will cost extra. Please ask me for a quote if you are interested in a full reference sheet.

Templates: $40 (linework only), $70 (with shading)
I create a dragon, gryphon, or some other creature base that you can recolour for personal, non-commercial uses. Each template PSD comes with separate layers for linework, base/flesh/wing colours, shading, highlights, etc.